Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit or cap on Prolia® Co-pay Program benefits?

Yes, the Prolia® Co-pay Program will reimburse an eligible patient's combined total deductible, co-pay and/or co-insurance requirements up to $1,500 per calendar year for Prolia® (denosumab). The patient is responsible for costs above this amount.

Can I use my Prolia® Co-pay Card for Prolia®-related office visits?

No. The Prolia® Co-pay Program covers out-of-pocket medication costs for Prolia® only. It does not provide support for supplies, procedures, or any physician-related services associated with Prolia®, including office visits or administration of Prolia®.

Can the Prolia® Co-pay Program MasterCard® be used with mail order and specialty pharmacies?

Yes, the Prolia® Co-pay Program MasterCard® can be used at pharmacies. Simply provide the RxBIN number and member ID that is printed on the card when filling your prescription.

Why are uninsured, cash-paying patients not eligible for the Prolia® Co-pay Program?

The Prolia® Co-pay Program is intended to help commercially insured patients cover the cost of their co-pay or deductible for Prolia® (denosumab). Uninsured patients requiring assistance may be directed to The Amgen Safety Net Foundation at 1-888-SN-AMGEN (1-888-762-6436) to request assistance. The foundation helps support uninsured patients and certain underinsured patients with financial need who do not have coverage for Prolia® or other Amgen medications, and are not eligible for other support options such as Medicare or Medicaid.

Are there financial assistance options available to people on Medicare or Medicaid?

Amgen Assist® can refer patients, as a courtesy, to independent co-pay foundations. Provided through independent charitable patient assistance programs, eligibility in these foundation programs is based on criteria established by the charity. Amgen has no control over independent, third-party programs. For more information, contact Amgen Assist® at 1-866-264-2778.

Why do I need to provide the last 4 digits of my Social Security Number to enroll?

We need this information in order to confirm that you are not in a government-funded healthcare program. Your information will only be used to verify this information and will not be used for any other purpose.

Is annual re-enrollment in the Prolia® Co-pay Program necessary?

Yes, you must re-enroll on a yearly basis. You will be sent a letter reminding you to re-enroll. This letter will have a verification code on it that you will use to re-enroll on this site.